I have over a decade of experience working in radio, including both news and production. I currently work for BBC Radio 5 Live, producing on-air content for various programmes, plus I am also writing and reading news at Revolution 96.2. Each week, I also produce and host a new episode of the Blue Moon Podcast.

BBC Radio 5 Live

All of the following items were produced by me for varying programmes on BBC Radio 5 Live. For each, I have written the scripts, found and fixed the guests, and edited any audio used.

Homophobic Bullying in SchoolsAfternoon Edition, 27 July, 2017: 

Improving Atmosphere in Football GroundsFive Live Drive, 28 March 2018:

The James Bond FranchiseFive Live Drive, 22 August 2018:

Going to the MoonFive Live Drive, 30 August 2018:

News Reading

BBC Radio 5 Live, 7 February, 2019