The Man Who Restored Pride

Pride CoverFor decades, Manchester City fans had little to shout about. But then, under the stewardship of Roberto Mancini, the Blues climbed back to the right end of the Premier League. The Italian changed the club from top to bottom, ending a 35-year trophy drought with the FA Cup in 2011 and winning their first title in nearly four-and-a-half decades with the top flight crown in 2012. He was the man who made it good to go to the Etihad every week.

However, things turned sour quickly after that historic 3-2 victory over Queens Park Rangers in May 2012, with Mancini eventually being sacked a year to the day after he won the league for City.

This is the story of the manager’s rise and fall in Manchester, looking at what went wrong after it went so right. Nevertheless, despite all of the problems, he was The Man Who Restored Pride to Manchester City.

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